A Glowing Prim

A Glowing Prim

In the fullness of time I intend to build my own place so I figured I need a premium account. So I’ve upgraded. No real time to start searching for a location right now, so for the time being I’ve got myself a Linden Home in one of the the trailer park regions in Bellisseria. Not bad.

This will at least give me a place to unpack my stuff and, when I get round to it, work on my avatar. The avatar I’m in right now is one of the presets, minus the little dog. Nothing against the little pooch but I’m more of a cats person.

I don’t own much stuff yet but I unpacked some of the things that come with the trailer to begin furnishing the place. However it looks like I’ll be sleeping on this little sofa tonight.

At a loss for any friends to talk to I made myself this glowing prim to keep me company. I guess I should have kept the dog.

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