So I got myself one of those KittyCats. Kinda cool. She’s pretty tiny as you can see, not even a day old. She will of course grow bigger. Less distracting than the pooch, and doesn’t need walking…

Done some more work on the API tonight, mostly on the server side. Nothing much to see on that front and won’t be for a while yet.

My avatar… Yeah I know – still the noob. I have some mesh head and body demos and I will get round to it soon. Can anyone recommend a good maker of skins? Oh and I guess I will need clothes too once I go mesh. I guess I can look on the Marketplace.

Another Fairy Tale

I got chatting to a woman called Cica Ghost who builds amazing fantasy worlds that really make Second Life look like something else. She is super friendly and interesting too. Her new work is called Another Fairy Tale and I took some pics here. I don’t know how long it will be there of because she keeps coming up with new ideas and each one replaces the last. Here’s the landmark – go check it out.

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