Taking a moment out just to breathe.

Back in the real world shit is – very obviously – going down. It’s a strange time, and obviously kinda scary certainly for some people. In the UK everything is weirdly calm right now but really not as quiet as I think it should be. Everyone is worried but for the first time in my life everyone (certain notorious assholes excluded) pretty much feel the same so there’s that sense of connectedness that I think is healthy (and real) too.

I have a lot of work to do right now but I imagine it will dry up at some point. So I’m going to focus on getting that paid work done and invoiced for so I have some real money in the bank. Linden Dollars alone won’t keep the lights on. This means I will have less time for my Second Life project but then if and when my proper work dries up I might have all the time in the world to play around later in the year! My kid wants me to make him a Roblox game too. Some of the stuff that goes on there is crazy!

Anyway, a bit more progress has been made – I now have a web server up and running and running its own REST API. The basic concept is that the music of lostware is to an extent generative and controlled by data. At least some of that data will come from Second Life as close to in real time as possible. And when we’re streaming live you’ll be able to hear that music live back in SL as it happens in the studio in meatspace.

It’s still a fair way off but we now have some of the basic wiring in place.

Look after each other by keeping apart, and keep washing your hands. X

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