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I have not been on SL for a while, RL is stressful what with children being off school and trying to look after them while working. But we cope because we have to.

Logged on for a few hours this afternoon and – yay – I finally got myself out of that noob avatar. Hard to believe I am already 300 days old or so. Anyway here I am now:

Mesh mesh

I chose the Signature Geralt mesh body, and the LeLUTKA Luka head with a skin from ‘Not Found’. I look younger than in RL but I do look about as young as I feel. On a good day. This still feels a bit generic so I intend to do some more customisation – a couple of tattoos, maybe a hat, some accessories and some more interesting clothes. Anyway, feeling comfy for now 🙂

Night night x

time to crash

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