A word of caution

Not that it matters really in my case but I like to keep a level of separation between RL and SL. It’s fun to have an alter ego and it kinda spoils that fun if you can trace it back to my plain old real life self.

I’ve done a few little things to cover my tracks, like using a separate SL Twitter account, and using domain privacy for my DNS records. If you were some kind of forensic data scientist I’ve no doubt you could find me in seconds but for day to day SL this is fine.

But then the other day I was chatting to someone in SL and then I logged off and I got a late reply from them, which I got via email. I quickly replied from the Gmail app on my phone, which converts the message back to a Second Life IM and replies to them even though you are offline.

Then next time we spoke inworld they said: “Oh btw is this you?” And showed me a screenshot of the IM with my mobile number, skype, email address and website link a the end!

Schoolboy error I guess. It turns out Gmail app was adding my standard signature to replies sent back to Second Life.

One to watch out for anyway, if you use the reply by email thing.

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