Time to reset

Hello! Yes I’m still here. Bit of an unplanned hiatus there as I tumbled down various SL rabbit holes. It’s good at that.

Needing a complete reset, I vacated the houseboat the other day and went to see what was available. Long term I will build a place from scratch but right now I needed something quick and ready to go so another Linden Home makes sense. I really just need a space where I can build things, leave code running and so on but the environment matters; I don’t want to spend my time on a vast green rectangular prim.

It seems the Linden Homes in Bellisseria are still very popular as it took a few attempts to find one available. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but I opted for one of the Victorian homes. The spot is absolutely perfect, with access to the road, and open water at the end of the garden. The landscaping around here is stunning, hats off to the Moles!

I don’t have much stuff yet – it’s very much a bachelor pad, just my cat, a couple of chairs and a fridge pretty much. But I’ve set up a little studio in the bedroom at the back. Just a simple prim desk and a comfy desk chair from Bensen. When the fog lifts the view is lovely over garden to the waterway and with the window open occasional birdsong, and the trickle of the stream adds ambiance.

Latest on the project? Well I’ve decided to slim down my music hardware and focus working with Max in Ableton Live. I’m using my Launchpad Pro as a controller and have some basic scripts talking to my SL-link API (see previous posts). So at some point I can decide which inworld parameters map to what. For example number of people in the region, some properties of them, their positions or which object they are sitting on.

Still a long way to go but it’s a fun sideline from my RL work which is also software but less creative.

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