So I got myself one of those KittyCats. Kinda cool. She’s pretty tiny as you can see, not even a day old. She will of course grow bigger. Less distracting than the pooch, and doesn’t need walking…

Done some more work on the API tonight, mostly on the server side. Nothing much to see on that front and won’t be for a while yet.

My avatar… Yeah I know – still the noob. I have some mesh head and body demos and I will get round to it soon. Can anyone recommend a good maker of skins? Oh and I guess I will need clothes too once I go mesh. I guess I can look on the Marketplace.

Another Fairy Tale

I got chatting to a woman called Cica Ghost who builds amazing fantasy worlds that really make Second Life look like something else. She is super friendly and interesting too. Her new work is called Another Fairy Tale and I took some pics here. I don’t know how long it will be there of because she keeps coming up with new ideas and each one replaces the last. Here’s the landmark – go check it out.

Long Day

Long Day

Busy day… long day! Lots going on back in real life so I did not achieve a lot here.

I did at least find time to start furnishing the houseboat. Someone made a kit that adds on a pergola, some interior dividing walls and a bathroom and kitchen area among other things. From camming around it seems every other houseboat of this type has it installed. So I picked that up. And then I saw someone had this furniture set so I grabbed a copy of that too. Links below if you’re interested. My houseboat is the ‘Barnacle’ model.

Time to crash out now. Good night x

Started work

Started Work

So I got myself one of those houseboats. Heh, I should take a nice picture of that sometime I guess. But anyway as you can see it’s bare right now. I would say I’ve not unpacked but the reality is I don’t really have much stuff to unpack. I really need to go shopping.

But not tonight. I plonked my laptop on one of the free tables that came with the landscaping kit and started work.

It’s just a prototype but I’ve established a connection to the Lostware API over in real life.. that is, in the cloud. The unit by the laptop there pings my server and checks its status. Good progress for one night. Now to sleep.

Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog

Needing some fresh air I headed out for a walk around my trailer in Bellisseria. The landscaping is lovely. I never see trains on these tracks but my understanding is you can get your own and it will travel along them. Something to try out one day.

It’s pretty quiet around here. Are there any social hubs in Bellisseria? I’ve not even seen any shops yet.

Decided earlier to abandon the trailer and try to get a houseboat. Apparently they call this the ‘Game of Homes’, so let’s see how well I do. I can imagine setting up my home and workshop on a houseboat for now. Once I get settled it’ll be time to experiment.

A Glowing Prim

A Glowing Prim

In the fullness of time I intend to build my own place so I figured I need a premium account. So I’ve upgraded. No real time to start searching for a location right now, so for the time being I’ve got myself a Linden Home in one of the the trailer park regions in Bellisseria. Not bad.

This will at least give me a place to unpack my stuff and, when I get round to it, work on my avatar. The avatar I’m in right now is one of the presets, minus the little dog. Nothing against the little pooch but I’m more of a cats person.

I don’t own much stuff yet but I unpacked some of the things that come with the trailer to begin furnishing the place. However it looks like I’ll be sleeping on this little sofa tonight.

At a loss for any friends to talk to I made myself this glowing prim to keep me company. I guess I should have kept the dog.

Starting Out

Starting out with baby steps. I have used Second Life before but I’m a little rusty. First impressions – it looks a lot better than it did in the past!

As soon as I landed I found myself a cheap skybox so I had a base, and somewhere to try stuff out. Here’s me on day one:

Day One

Back in Second Life for the first time in a long time. I am a noob again. Reset. I do not know anyone. I don’t really know why I am here, yet. I sit in my cheap rented skybox on my own. Maybe I’ll work on my avatar later.

It’s kinda lonely.

hello world

This is a project in which I want to explore the possibilities of generative music connected to, controlled by, and experienced in Second Life.

On this blog I’ll chronicle what I learn along the way.

I’m Rem. I am lostware Resident in Second Life. Have a great day!